abandoned babies will become healthcare providers and will rise to the top of their field, saving lives and souls.


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Parental Care Ministries exists to proclaim The Good News of Jesus in East Africa, comfort the hurting, and multiply God’s Gifts through education and discipleship.

Choir, Churches, & Glory FM


Clinic & Baby House


Clean Water, Farming, Schools


Because of your prayers and support, The Gospel is being proclaimed by more than 70 pastors who are spreading The Good News, planting churches, and preaching the Word of God at conferences and crusades throughout Uganda,Tanzania and Rwanda. These pastors are being equipped and mentored because of your support.

The Gospel is being broadcasted through Glory FM radio. The PCM Uganda Choir shares Jesus locally and through international tours.

The sick are comforted and healed through the Kate Clinic. Orphaned and abandoned babies are cared for at the Omwana House.

You have sponsored over 1,100 children in PCM schools throughout southwest Uganda.

Your gifts have provided school buildings, bathrooms and more. Your donations provide seed money to start self-sustaining businesses and access to clean water.

We praise God for you! We are so thankful you share our God-sized dreams! We are so thankful for your prayers. We are so thankful to be on this journey with you!

Children Sponsored

Receiving Medical Care

Pastors & Churches

Glory FM Listening Area

Stories Of Hope & Redemption

The Chick Came First

For a long long time.....people have debated. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The events of today should help us answer this age old question. We have started small at the PCM Enkoko House, but today we grew by leaps and bounds on our Katyazo farm. PCM trip...

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Investing in Future Leaders

Investing in Future Leaders Team 74 has been busy instructing and sowing truth into the future leaders of Uganda and the world. Take time to read the truth that they are teaching to these students and see some of the fun they are having while they disciple. "May...

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Funning (PCM Team 74) The word funning  is a new one. It is not often used in our English language but the definition can be found in Merriam –Websters dictionary. Their word funning is an adjective. Let me suggest an alternative description that is...

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Sponsor a Child
Only $38 A Month

Provide for a child’s physical and educational needs

My decision to sponsor Treasure was easy. I met her when I visited Mbarara last year. One only has to spend a few moments with one of these children to know how special they are.
David Dow Sponsor
We love sponsoring with PCM because of the personal relationships we get to build with our sponsor children through frequent letter exchanges. It is a privilege to be a part of their lives as they live out God’s plan for them on the other side of the world.
Lisa Patrick Sponsor
My first thought as I looked through the books of each child that needed to be sponsored was: Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up to change his world for Christ. If Mark and I can share Christ through our love, prayers, and sponsorship then we have succeeded in helping him to believe that he can make a difference in his country. There are NO words to describe the joy and blessing that we receive through sponsoring Rodger and Stallon!
Mark and Stephanie Leonard Sponsors
My family and I sponsor 3 precious children through PCM. I guess at first we thought we’d sponsor to help provide a healthy, successful start to life as every child needs. I didn’t realize that the contribution would return such a reward. I was actually gaining family, friends, prayers, love, encouragement, treasured letters, and trusted sons and daughters. I sponsor and continue to sponsor because of the real, life-long connection I have to my 3 children in Uganda and ALL of their family and friends. We need each other and God brought us together through PCM.
Kristi Peer Sponsor

Give A Christian Education

When each primary school was started, many children from the village were given the opportunity to go to school for the first time. Thank you for considering this amazing opportunity to provide a Christian education for these children.

Help Make Disciples