By: Mark “Epa” Barret

We are 8,000 miles away, but hear that the world is getting upset about customs and immigration. It appears everyone is tightening the border and looking for signs of danger.

We embarked on a mission with PCM 69 with the largest box we have ever brought.


It is a gift that was received through the hard work, determination and help of Ken and Linda Bates and many others. What was in the box? A brand new radio console for our station, Glory FM. What is a console? Basically, the engine of any great radio station.

Miracle #1: We arrived at Houston Intercontinental Airport on time and proceeded to the counter. We were recognized for having an oversized piece of luggage and it was weighed at 38kg, which is nearly 5 kg (10lbs) over the limit. KLM said, “No way. You can’t bring this package. Too heavy.” We couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t even try to work with us. The box was packed by our staff and we thought nothing was inside but the console. Instead, we found a ton of Great American Company shirts. We “coughed up the cookies” and our box with only the console was exactly 32kg, the max allowed on the plane. Wahoooooooooooo! We loaded this blessing and proceeded to flight #1. Thank you, Jesus.

It seems like customs is getting more picky with everything. Now, when you land in Uganda and have a box, the officials are all over you. Last year, I got stopped with a $100 trombone from Amazon. The official wanted to know if I was bringing it into Uganda to sell. I almost spit out my gum laughing. Somehow, we got the instrument through with no extra fee and now our street kid band sounds a bit better because of the new addition.

Miracle #2: We arrived on Ugandan soil on time and proceeded to gather our items. Our box was in one piece, but we still needed to make it past customs. In Uganda, this is a guy standing by the door looking at another x-ray machine. Of course, he stopped us. He wanted to know what we had. We produced our letter of contents, but he wasn’t satisfied. This is when the Lord stepped in. We met a new friend in the airport. He is a friend of one of our senior staff members. This new friend, who will go unnamed, talked the official down and told him to let us go through. We didn’t have to do anything, not even go throught the x-ray machine. Soon Driver Emmy was hoisting the box into the Miracle Bus. Wahooooooooooooooo! Thank you, Jesus.

Of course, the fun part of Sunday was bringing this new blessing to Glory FM.


Pastor Emmy couldn’t hold back his excitement of this $10,000 blessing.


Here is our Radio station manager, Bonnie.


He quickly surveyed the goods and was literally speechless.


Today, we got a serious upgrade to the 21st century. The millions of listeners that listen to Glory FM will notice an obvious improvement in the audio quality.


Our team jumped on the station and began to share what a gift Glory FM is.



Glory FM has already produced amazing fruit.


Today at church we celebrated the many people that have been saved because of the work of our station and the multitudes of people that work tirelessly at Glory FM.


One of those people, who is now a sister is Christ, met Pastor Emmy on the phone after one of his teachings.


I didn’t get her name, but I know Jesus did. Her soul will celebrate this miracle in heaven forever.


Mukama Asiimwe