By: Adam McMahon, Team 62 Blogger

Last year on trip 62 my daughter, Mahayla, and I were fortunate enough to finally meet our sponsored child named Benjamin. I was able to write a blog on trip 62 about him and his family that was incomplete and had so much room for God to write more.

You see, God works in unbelievable ways. Maybe that is a lack of faith on my part or the fact that I don’t dream big enough. But my heavenly father knows how to amaze me.

On my past trip, Driver Emmy was able to take me and Mahayla to Benjamin’s home right down from Sanga School Hill. It was there that I discovered from Benjamin’s mother, that his father had been gone for quite some time. I believe it was 7-8 months of a fatherless/husbandless home.

I was able to come back this time on trip 73 with my son, Colton, and we were amazed of God’s redemptive plan. We approached a home that had completely been restored on the outside with cement plastered walls and a new roof. I wondered if we were at the wrong house! A man appeared and introduced himself as Robert, Benjamin’s father.

He invited my son and I into his home and began to explain that since Mahayla and I left, God started restoring him and his home, physically and spiritually. He even added a new member to the family – a baby sister named Joy!

The look on Benjamin’s face said it all. He was full of Joy.

The mother and father began to say that the prayers Mahayla and I had prayed over their home were being answered. With help from Driver Emmy, he explained that he had repented and come home and that God had been showering them with blessings.

It was a Prodigal father coming home! I can’t help comparing it to the Prodigal son and the father that ran with open arms to greet his son who had gone off and squandered his inheritance living a life of sin. Matthew 6:33 says, “To seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added unto you.” God called this man home and has begun a good work.

It is my prayer now that God will continue to bless this family and that Robert will be the husbandman of the garden that God gave him to love and protect.

God’s timing is perfect. Our Heavenly father is the greatest author who continues to write out the perfect story for those who abide in him. He changes and restores things that are broken from our carelessness. He binds up the wounds that are in need of healing. By Christ’s wounds we are healed, both spiritually and physically. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever and ever. Thank you, Lord, for showing me that you are still in control and that you say when the story begins and ends. Amen.