This day is the fulfillment of God’s promises in many ways.  Since our ministry is built on hope for the future, it is such a delight to be able to be on the other side of that hope and experience a promise that has been fulfilled.

Back in 2010 on my first trip to Uganda, I was overwhelmed with the joy and faith of our PCM children amidst their rough circumstances.  They were not complaining about having to share beds with each other or the lack of desks and classrooms.  They were thankful for God’s provision that had just brought them cleaner well water than the river water they had been drinking.

And they also had hope.

They had hope for the vision that God had given them for an abundant life.  It was during that same trip that Epa and I had the opportunity to visit three areas of land with Pastor Emmy that could one day hold our secondary and primary schools.  We visited two pieces of land with little to no discussion about their lack of potential, but when we came to Katyazo it was like the land flowing with milk and honey.  God had directed us to this land and gave us a glimpse of what He was going to do with it.


Now that we are standing on this land with the Katyazo secondary school, Omwana House, Enkoko House, and now our entire Mbarara primary school, we feel like we have just entered the promised land.  In fact, when we mentioned the promised land to the kids Moses, the Deputy Head Teacher, shared that they had been talking about this being like the Israelites entering the land of Canaan!

While I was looking at this monumental day through eyes that had seen this slow progression there were other members of our team who had just met our Mbarara school children for the first time and never seen where they had come from.  It was interesting to hear their perspective.  The Ball family was able to add to this experience…..

“What an awesome first visit to the new school in Mbarara!  The joy on the kid’s faces proved how proud they were of their new space.  Jonathan took Team 72 on a very detailed tour talking about all the great things this campus will offer the students and teachers. The staff and students here overwhelmed us with their love and vision of what the new school will become as work continues.


Moses the Deputy Schoolmaster shared the parallel between the Israelites moving to the promised Land of Cannan and Mbarara moving forward into their new school with all of its potential and promise for the future.  Just as God promised Canaan to the Israelites while it was still inhabited, the Mbarara School is not quite complete yet the potential for the future is boundless for our students.  Every day more work will be completed, more space will be utilized equipping teachers as well as students for the challenges ahead.

God has been so faithful to PCM while acquiring this land, providing the resources and the manpower.  It is in His power, to His glory that we were able to move in and start using this great blessing.  We are looking forward to what the future holds.  If the exposed rebar on the roof of the school is any indication, there’s a second floor in God’s plans and promise.”

As we are seeing God’s promises fulfilled we know that He chose many people to be a part of it.  There is no room for any glory for any one person.  The glory all goes to God, and we are thankful for so many of you that have sacrificially given to help our children see this promised land.  The journey is not complete.  There are still some giants to conquer. But let me tell you our children, our teachers, and our leadership are ready to conquer them.  Oh, how I long for their faith because we know that the testing of their faith has brought about the perseverance needed to wait on the Lord’s complete and perfect will.  Thank you, God for the chance to see Your promises fulfilled.