(PCM Team 74)

The word funning  is a new one. It is not often used in our English language but the definition can be found in Merriam –Websters dictionary. Their word funning is an adjective.

Let me suggest an alternative description that is actually a noun.

Let me explain.

Funning can take place anywhere in the world……the US or even East Africa.

Funning requires an action by one party and some kind of smile on the other side.

Some people might not clearly understand the “funs” they shall soon experience but time will reveal those exciting “funs”.

Where did “funning” come from at PCM?

Well, to be honest, the activity has been occurring for over a decade at PCM but the name started with this young lady, Blessing. On her activity profile, she states she likes funning. Since reading that profound admission, I can’t stop thinking of all the funning we are having this week and all the funning that will start in a little over a month when the PCM Choir Tour #5 arrives to the US.

Funning can still happen even if you aren’t coming on this year’s choir tour team. You might be coming to stay for 4 years at Cornerstone College in Grand Rapids Michigan like this young man.

If you are coming on this year’s tour and you were the smallest team member, you might enjoy funning with a huge piece of watermelon.

Or if your name was Derrick, you can experience funning holding 2 apples and eating watermelon.

Sometimes funning makes you think others are really laughing at you.

Funning can be as simple as a slight change in the wardrobe.

Physical contact is necessary for some funning. Just make sure not to hurt your twin brother.

You can use your head for some funning.

Your former status as a street kid doesn’t preclude you from funning. Rather, it makes funning relatively more easy to experience.

Funning requires team work and sacrifice, but many seem willing.

Funning can occur alongside your best friend when you are playing the same exact game at the same time.

One wheel can provide funning… although doctors wouldn’t recommend this funning without training.

Sometimes simpler tests with small ropes are safer funning.

Occasionally, the activity that leads to funning can provide some giant laughs.


Funning can be as simple as a hand gesture,

or getting your hands dirty on the ground.

Excellent funning can be rewarded with a piggy back ride.

Some funning can occur with limited expression from the funning generator.

The rule is that those receiving the funning must have a reaction. Not the person that causes it to begin with.

Electronics cannot be used to create funning, only to document when funning is occurring by other means.

You can combine multiple funning apparatus items for another funning event.

Most of the time, the smile is directly proportionate to the funning.

Thank you, Jesus, for creating funning.