Living in a world where information access is at your fingerprints and encyclopedias are considered “ancient artifacts”, 2 dear friends found a way to share a love of books and children in the new Mbarara school in Uganda – where the written word is a treasured possession.

Kay Green and Jill Hickerson met with Superintendent Jonathan in April when Jonathan visited the States to begin planning for the first primary school library. After much discussion, a plan was created for building shelves, cataloging and the selection of books.

After Superintendent Jonathan returned to Uganda, consideration went into the selection of the books PCM Trip 72 would carry with them. We wanted to make certain the books presented a Christian worldview and matched the Ugandan culture. With the generous donations many gave through the donation portal online, Superintendent Jonathan was able to purchase Ugandan primary literature in addition to many teacher idea books to supplement their regular curriculum.

Upon arrival in Uganda the construction team, headed by Gary Root and Glenn Green, went to work building the shelves in the designated library space.

The team enjoyed teaching several PCM Ugandan staff how to use the battery operated power tools that we carried with us.

It was great seeing the American engineers and Pastor Charles and Robert Kunya teach each other the US and Uganda methods of building.

Once the shelves were finished, the team was able to catalog the books brought from the States and those purchased in Uganda. The teachers were so excited and spent much time stopping by and praising God for the beautiful books. A special thanks to Teacher Moses and Teacher Barnabas for their help with the books.

The library now holds approximately 120 primary books and 50 teaching resource books.

The highlight of the day was returning to the library and Teacher Moses was reading one of the new books to a young student!!!!

Our plan is for the library to continue to grow and to send more books with future teams. Many thanks to the donations that helped start the library. The donation campaign remains open and we look forward to seeing the beautiful bookshelves filled with treasured stories that will fill the children’s minds with information, inquisition, and imagination.

You can donate directly to the Mbarara library here:

All donations will be used to purchase specific books needed in Uganda to follow their curriculum or purchase books in the US to send over to meet specific spiritual and educational needs.