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The Chick Came First

For a long long time.....people have debated. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The events of today should help us answer this age old question. We have started small at the PCM Enkoko House, but today we grew by leaps and bounds on our Katyazo farm. PCM trip...

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Investing in Future Leaders

Investing in Future Leaders Team 74 has been busy instructing and sowing truth into the future leaders of Uganda and the world. Take time to read the truth that they are teaching to these students and see some of the fun they are having while they disciple. "May...

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Funning (PCM Team 74) The word funning  is a new one. It is not often used in our English language but the definition can be found in Merriam –Websters dictionary. Their word funning is an adjective. Let me suggest an alternative description that is...

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Palpable Joy Emanating from Katyazo Hill

Today we arrived at Katyazo to meet not only our secondary school students but also our primary students gathered together on the same hill. What we experienced as a team was unlike any other welcome we have ever witnessed on a previous PCM trip. We knew...

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A Family Restored

By: Adam McMahon, Team 62 Blogger Last year on trip 62 my daughter, Mahayla, and I were fortunate enough to finally meet our sponsored child named Benjamin. I was able to write a blog on trip 62 about him and his family that was incomplete and had so much...

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Capturing Teachers Hearts

By: Cindy Nick Team 37 Blogger While traveling to Uganda with Team 37 a few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit several PCM classrooms and observe the PCM teachers in action. I couldn't help but admire the way they inspired their students to achieve excellence...

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