For a long long time…..people have debated. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The events of today should help us answer this age old question.

We have started small at the PCM Enkoko House, but today we grew by leaps and bounds on our Katyazo farm.

PCM trip 74 was present for the placement of our latest 1,000 chicks. Flock 2B.

Upon arrival at the farm, we had to remove the chicks from Pastor Joseph’s small SUV which had been turned into an incubator.

Thanks to Omwoju and Bonga for helping us unload.

After proper hygiene control, a few of us entered the house and began the work of counting the chicks.

Pastor Emmy was the best at carefully removing each young bird with caution knowing that each baby chick has the potential of laying 500+ eggs during its lifetime.

Once counted, the birds were transferred to their new home: a heated section of the second house. Because they are so tiny, they only used a portion of their new home.

These little birds are actually quite similar to premature babies needing steady thermoregulation and loving care.

Our awesome photographer/videographer Matt Hogan literally got eye level with these 2-day old chicks.

Matt noticed them immediately eating which was a big blessing.

A few of the chicks would fall asleep after their big day of travel and placement in the new home.

Here they will be cared for like children of PCM by our farmers.

If all goes well on December 7, D-Dayy, eggs will start to drop.

At that time, our birds will start laying eggs and will continue until 70 weeks of age, each giving birth to a fresh egg each morning.

These 1,000 new protein producing machines are full of powerful potential.

Today the chicks were placed successfully.

Chickens will follow and then finally the eggs.

So now you know. Chicks come first.

Pray for us so we can provide more protein to our village schools. This can be a reality with an egg mobile to safely transport the eggs and two more chicken houses! We are believing God to meet these needs.

We are grateful to the Tyson Foods Fellows Program, Cobb Ventress, One Egg and the Cornerstone Foundation. Thank you Jesus for such wonderful partners