Our team has been excited about all the ways God has helped raise the money for these shoes.  Now it’s finally time to put the plan into action!

Our team spent the first night in Entebbe, and we were excited to see God already working.  We previously talked about the possibility of seeing monkeys outside the hotel, but they rarely come out at the right time.  However, one of our team members, Michele Dollar, and her daughter Morgan decided they would pray that we would see monkeys and that God would get the glory for it.

Well in the morning, what to our wondering eyes should appear but DOZENS OF MONKEYS playing without fear.  They were all over the hotel lawn playing in the trees and posing for pictures!  It was quite the experience!

After that wonderful morning, our team drove straight to Mbarara (6 ½ hours), dropped off our stuff, and headed right to where the shoes were stored.  First step was to get all the shoes organized to bring to the schools.  We had hoped to have some kind of warehouse to organize all the shoes, but we realized there’s plenty of outdoor organization space.  Why waste our time inside?!

Now we know what 1700 pairs of shoes feel like to move from storage outside to organize, and back into storage to wait to be loaded up the next morning.

It had been an eventful day that felt like it had started in Houston 50 some odd hours before!

The next morning we drove back to get the boxes and load them in the dump truck to bring to the Mbarara School.  The monkeys must have really inspired one of our team members because she used some of their techniques to count boxes as we loaded.

Gary and Ben, our leaders from CERI, helped to cast a vision for how we were going to distribute the shoes

while others of us just stood in awe of all the shoes we were about to deliver.

As we drove to the Mbarara School following the dump truck with hundreds of pairs of shoes, we couldn’t contain our excitement!

The kids knew we were coming, but they had no idea that we were about to bless every one of them with a new pair of shoes.

Exiting the bus at the school, we were met with a swarm of eager children just waiting to show their appreciation for us coming.

On top of this excitement, some of our team members got to meet their sponsored child for the first time!

Then of course there was singing!  The children sang some fun songs for us and had several team members come dance with them.

We were also blessed to have one of the widows who lives nearby come and see the program.

Our introductions were met with much applause, but none as loud as when Gary announced that every child would be receiving a new pair of shoes.  The children were so excited and couldn’t wait to line up to get their shoes!

So, we went straight to work.  We set up our very own shoe store in the new church building where the kids would visit stations to get their feet measured,

receive their socks,

and get their shoes fitted so that they each had nice shiny shoes that actually fit for a change!

One of our team members observed that as each child received their shoes they were appreciative, but when they tried them on and they actually fit their faces just lit up!  What a joy to be able to love on these kids and experience their joy first hand.

It was a special honor for some of our sponsors to be able to put shoes on their sponsored child’s feet.

When we finished we had some very smart looking overjoyed kids.

They were so proud of their shoes.

from the biggest to the smallest.

Some of you have been praying for one of our choir members, Abias, after reading the post on our facebook page about her abdominal pain. We saw Abias yesterday resting at Pastor Emmy and Supermom’s home. She was enjoying watching Supermom get her hair done!

Today she was back at school and received a new pair of shoes along with the other 311 kids that were there!

Praise God for a great day in Uganda!