By: DeeDee Ball
Trip 72 Blogger

“From Uganda, land where a stranger is greeted as friend”

We have been so fortunate to be immersed in PCM culture for this wonderful trip. We have been treated with such love and respect, welcomed everywhere we have gone and immediately wished back when leaving.

Whether arriving at a PCM school (we visited 5 schools) or being received during late arrivals at hotels and other PCM facilities, the welcomes were always warm, loud and plentiful.

No matter where we went, each person wanted to personally welcome us and greet us. We had to brace ourselves for the outpouring of love. Trust me when I say hugs from 300 kids can be overwhelming in a good way and you wish you could grow extra arms so you can hold more hands.


Even the words of greeting have depth and a genuine feel that we were not used to. “You are most welcome” instead of “Hello” and “Praise the Lord!” instead of “How are you?”. We heard these heartfelt greetings over and over and they never got stale.

All of this shows how much our PCM family appreciates our visits and support.

My hope is that I can find ways to show my friends and family at home how much I love and appreciate them in a way that feels genuine and never becomes stale.

If you choose to come to visit our Ugandan family, may you feel most welcome.

Choir Tour 5 is headed our way this fall; let us all help make our PCM family feel most welcome!