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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our hearts are full with appreciation for you and your partnering with PCM USA. Over the past 10 years PCM USA has faithfully served the Lord in Uganda through your prayers and financial support:

  • Thousands of Ugandan children have been fed, clothed, educated and loved through the gospel of Jesus Christ at Christian schools.
  • God’s Word has been shared with millions and implanted in hearts through schools, 85 church plants and Glory FM radio.
  • The Enkoko (Chicken) Farm has been established with the education of chicken farming to provide ongoing sustainable source of protein and funding.
  • Abandoned babies have been rescued through the Omwana (Baby) House.
  • Permanent clean water sources have been provided for all 5 schools.
  • Kate Clinic serves the medical needs of the surrounding remote village community.
  • Eternal relationships have been established in the USA and Uganda.
  • God’s Name has been lifted up.

“The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes” Psalm 118: 23.  We praise the Lord for all He has done and thank Him for using each of you to serve alongside us faithfully, through your love, prayers and financial support.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 Through many hours of tirelessly seeking the Lord, searching for solutions, wise counsel and discussion, HE has shown PCM USA that our season has come to an end.  Through the revelation of gross mismanagement of funds and debt accumulated by Ugandan leadership, we can no longer be assured that your gifts are being stewarded wisely and accurately. Trust has been broken with leadership in Uganda.

Thus, effective immediately, PCM USA will cease funding operations for PCM Uganda. All donations for the month of July will be refunded to you.  Bank draft or credit card donations scheduled for dates subsequent to 6/30/18 will not be processed. All previous funds that you have graciously and generously given have been used for the success that the Lord has accomplished.

While our hearts are sad for the end of this season, we rejoice at all the Lord has done in Uganda: for your love, support and prayers and for the eternal relationships that He has provided. We are family in Christ for eternity, whether we are together in ministry here on earth or worshiping HIM before the throne eternally.  Please continue to pray for the PCM students and the people of Uganda.

PCM USA Board of Directors



Dear PCM Friend,

10 years ago, the Barret family was called to Uganda and sat inside a small wooden classroom with iron sheets as the roof. Inside were 200 school children who would impact our lives forever. On that very first trip, we brought multicolored balloons for the children to play. Many had never seen one. These children wore the same clothes each day, drank dirty water and ate little food while we were there. However, we didn’t see that as a hindrance. What we saw instead was the hope inside of them.  We saw hope as they held their first ever balloon and launched it just high enough to fly, but not too high to lose this precious toy.  We remember dozens of them bouncing above the reaches of their arms underneath the iron sheets of this simple school building. There was color everywhere. There was hope for the future. There was hope in the Lord. Psalm 147:11 “The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.“

Today Jesus is calling our family out of PCM.  Trust has been broken in a big way.  We have seen someone we have cared deeply about buy into deception. We have seen first hand the destruction that lying brings.  Psalm 118:18It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.”  We have tried for a couple of months to institute new leadership in Uganda without achieving our goal. Since we can’t steward your funds effectively, we must stop immediately. Ministry is a challenge. These past few months have been very revealing to our family. Our hearts have been shattered. We are hurting badly and will need years to heal. Leaving these children we have all loved so well will be difficult, but we need to remember, they are not ours, they are His children.  John 10: 27-28 “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” Be reassured, He has these children in His hands. He will continue to take care of them, feed them and clothe them. He will not let them go.

There is no doubt that we are living in the end times. These times are perilous for sure. Despite the wicked ways the devil is trying to move, we have to continue to move by the Spirit.  Just a few weeks ago on our last trip, the four of us Barrets watched a soccer game at the bottom of the hill at Katyazo with hundreds of children and staff. We knew the end was near and this could be our last day. We brought some gold balloons this time, and watched the children wait patiently for each one to be inflated. With our eyes we saw the children launch the balloons into the sky against an amazing sunset backdrop. Our ears heard the audible sounds of joy and laughter from hundreds of kids of all ages.  Our hearts were full as we watched the children moving all over this grassy hill, moving in whatever direction the wind was taking the gold balloons. John 3:8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” Thank you Jesus for how far you have brought these children and for showing us that you alone are Faithful and True.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the PCM story, encouraged us along the way, given to this ministry, sponsored a child, gone on a trip or hosted a choir member. You have furthered the Kingdom and blessed many along the way. We pray that you continue to be obedient to Jesus’ call on your life and to prepare for His soon return.

With love and gratitude,

Mark and Monica Barret