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A Walk to Remember

By: Melissa Wayne, PCM Trip 82

One of the highlights from my trip to Uganda with Parental Care Ministries was the amazing opportunity to walk to our sponsor child’s home in “sweet potato” village. The walk was over 4 miles from Sanga School. Our sponsored child, Patience, makes this trip to and from school every day. Today she made 4 trips in order to meet us at school then take us home to meet her mother.

We literally crossed paths with zebras, impalas, and large horned cows along the way – so close we could even touch the large cows. Because it is the rainy season we were also faced with many standing water challenges.

We got to the home and the little brothers were waiting to make the return trip with us. We felt so welcomed and honored to be there. It was so neat to take the journey and walk the path that she takes every single day.

Thank you, Parental Care Ministries, for the way you foster relationships between people who are worlds apart. We don’t just have a sponsor child, we have a little girl who is an extension of our family 8,000 miles away.