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Meet Arnold!

His story is good news! It’s a story of hope and redemption, a story of beating all the odds.

When Arnold was just 3-years-old his mother abandoned him. His dad didn’t have the resources to stay home and take care of his son … so he left each day looking for work. He’d leave this little guy home to fend for himself. Most days Arnold was hungry and would search for food anywhere he could find it. It’s hard to imagine this life, until you see it with your own eyes.

How could Arnold survive, much less thrive?

When the local authorities heard about Arnold through a good neighbor, they stepped in. They brought him to the Parental Care Ministries Omwana House. (“Omwana” is Ugandan for “baby”.) The team at the Omwana House prayed for Arnold and provided nourishment and much needed medical care.  They loved on Arnold and thanked God for giving him a safe place to grow.

Today Arnold is a happy and healthy six year-old boy. He is a budding leader who is already looked up to by his friends. He is also soaring in his schoolwork.

This year we are dreaming BIG in hopes of caring for thousands of children like Arnold. Will you join PCM?

Watch the video below…

I read “Through Gates of Splendor” as a kid, with my dad. Jim Elliott’s quote stuck with me and impacts my giving perspective…“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

We’re involved for three reasons:
– God is obviously at work through PCM, and those are the best places to spend resources.
– The “financial lever” is so long at PCM… So much can be accomplished for eternity with relatively little earthly capital.
– The long-term spiritual potential for the ministry staggering.

John and Jackie V.
From Michigan
Supporters since 2011



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