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A Trip To Rwemikoma

If you have ever traveled the long road to Rwemikoma, you are familiar with the journey that is involved and how it takes a while to get there. In the old days, the road was nothing but dirt and filled with potholes and steep hills that required tricky negotiation when wet. Today, our PCM guests get to ride with our driver, Emmy D and the only challenge he is faced with is the threat of a tire blowout caused by overheating on a fantastic new road.

When you reach Rwemikoma, the first stopping point is not a large multipurpose building complete with a roof and windows. Nope, the first stopping point is the tree behind the old classroom block.

The classrooms are on the verge of falling down and are so fragile that we can’t even replace the old windows with new ones.

What they do have is PCM’s most famous tree. No other PCM school is blessed with one like this that can provide shade for hundreds praising souls.

Once seated, the tree literally starts to praise God.

Next, most people make note of another important Rwemikoma treasure. The percussion section.

These kids might not have real drumsticks, but boy can they still play beautiful music with random sticks they have found.

What they have that no other school has, is the world famous PCM Rwemikoma xylophone. Hands down, this is Epa’s favorite music that is generated from an instrument in all of Uganda.

Usually, all the singing, dancing, and performing get these kids hungry. Here is a picture of their kitchen. Lunchtime isn’t until 1 pm. This tiny little shack serves 400 hot meals a day. Incredible.

No worries about fancy places to eat, these kids are probably more hungry than thirsty on days like today and what they do have is the first PCM USA underground water take holding 150,000 liters. Our God is Able!!!

This project is fully funded at each school secondary to the hard work of the PCM Choir 5. We are now seeing fruit and relief coming to this dry parched land.

In fact, just this week, all of the Lifestraw filters arrived from Kenya on Pastor Emmy’s porch. Wahoooooo!!!

These kids need better water as they have been the only school lacking close access to clean water for a long time. We tried years ago drilling to nearly 300 feet and came up empty. We are thrilled to have a more reliable source of daily drinking water.

These Rwemikoma kids don’t have a level soccer field.

or goals that are level either.

What they do have is an understanding that they can be joyful for what He has given them. Oh, my do they have that.

Thank you Lord for showing me that children that have less, really can have so much more than we think.

We love PCM Rwemikoma for so many reasons. Some may say this school lacks nearly everything.   I beg to disagree. There is plenty of faith, hope, and love.

Thank you, Apostle Paul for getting it right when you said these words:

Phil 4: 12-13 “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

Serving Him with you,