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Do you Know My Sponsor?

Written by: Jennifer Davin and PCM Team 78


After spending time in Uganda, I can honestly tell you there is something special about the children there. Maybe it is their beautiful smiles or the big hugs they share, or maybe it is the glorious songs they sing. I can’t narrow it down to just one thing- there’s just something extraordinarily special. On my first trip to Uganda, meeting our first two sponsor boys was the highlight of our trip.

Immediately after that trip, we sponsored a girl named Saida whom my husband met on our trip.

Later, we added baby Arnold when Omwana House opened.

So this trip, my son and I were looking forward to seeing our original boys and meeting our girl Saida and our youngest boy Arnold for the first time. It was like a family reunion.

The kids introduced us to family members and friends. Our little guy proudly showed us his room, bed, and books.

We talked, we played, we shared meals, we attended church together, and they shared their dreams, goals, and even a few secrets with me. But most of all, I was honored to hold each of their hands and pray over them. What really remains with me is how I am going to know a better way to pray for them, and have more effective communication with them through the letters that PCM sends.

During every trip, team members are approached by children asking, “Do you know my sponsor?” If the team member does, there is a bond made between the two. Of course, this happened several times to me on the trip. Sometimes I had to tell the child I did not know the sponsors, and disappointment clouded their face. But when the answer was, “Yes! I do know your sponsor!” joy and delight abounded.

On one occasion when one young man asked me if I knew his sponsor, and I answered “No”, I was so saddened by his response. He told me he knew the names of his sponsor family but had never received a letter or even a picture from his sponsors – ever.

Oh, how my heart broke for him.

What we as sponsors may not understand is that these children appreciate being sponsored. They want to see pictures of us and learn about us, they cherish our letters as prized possessions, they pray for us and they love us even if they have never met us in person.

The rest of Team 78 was blessed to greet their sponsors with some of the biggest smiles and hugs you will ever witness.

Some meeting face to face for the first time.

Others shared a blessed time of reunion, all made precious memories that will be treasured for all time.

Sponsors, we want to challenge you in this New Year to make it a goal to send your letters multiple times a year.

Take a family picture on your phone and actually print it off and include that in your letter.

Find a special verse to send to your child.

We encourage you to pray for that sponsored child.

Form a relationship with your sponsor child, that’s what it is really all about. And if you truly want to meet him or her, talk to the PCM office and start making plans to join a team in 2018.

You will be blessed beyond measure.

Written by: Jennifer Davin and PCM Team 78