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Our 2nd Trip to Uganda

Written by: Lisa Campanella


It was with great joy that we were able to make our 2nd trip to Uganda with Parental Care Ministries (PCM).  Our 2017 trip was during the Thanksgiving holidays here in the USA. We can tell you that there is no better way to celebrate the goodness of God, then by being in Uganda! God’s goodness is evident in the smiles of those who have nothing materially, yet they have everything because they have Jesus! The love and joy that is poured out to you as you arrive at a church or school is overwhelming and indescribable.

God’s goodness is seen in His provision of how He shows His love to the least of these…

  • Little babies/toddlers who have been abandoned and are now at the ministry’s Omwana House (baby house).
  • 2000 children who need love, food and an education that are now attending one of the 5 PCM schools.
  • Provision of protein through the new Enkoko (chicken houses).
  • People who are spiritually hungry for the Word of God attending one of the 85 PCM churches – many churches without a building, receiving Bibles for the very first time after waiting all day for us to join them in worship.
  • Worshiping alongside these Saints with such joy, love and abandon to our Heavenly Father.
  • Spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through GLORY FM radio station, and so much more!

But, the thing that touches our hearts the most and causes us great celebration is the eternal relationships we have been able to build with those in Uganda!  The Lord has given us a family in Uganda!  From the smallest child to the Executive Director – the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit connects us in Him! Truly every part of this trip was a highlight and a blessing!

For the two of us, we were overcome with tears of joy when meeting our sponsor son for the 2nd time!

Our first visit he spoke little or no English and was very reticent. He is still shy, but these two years have brought much growth in his life and allowed for us to build a relationship with him through regular correspondence. We celebrated God’s goodness each day we were in Uganda because God is good always – whether we live in the USA or Uganda. He is a personal, loving heavenly Father and He has knit us all together in Christ for eternity! 

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Written by: Lisa Campanella, Trip 76 Team Member