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Written by: Heather Allen and PCM Team 78

In Uganda you may come across various types of road-blocks such as livestock…

… passing boda-bodas (motorcycles)…

…or many people in the street.

In the same way, life can present obstacles, which we must learn how to navigate through or around so that they do not hinder us from what God has called us to.

As we flew over the Atlantic Ocean traveling back to the US from our 10 day stay in Uganda, the word unhindered kept coming into my mind. In Uganda, the Body of Christ stands out. There is a clear distinction between a Believer and a Non-believer.

To see these phrases on the backs of vehicles, billboards, and store-fronts is typical.

One of the reasons we love to be in Uganda is because we desire this distinction for the church in America.

After some time on the plane, I began asking the team how they would define this word, unhindered.

“It’s not that you don’t have obstacles, it’s when the obstacles aren’t slowing you down.” – Lydia Mckee

Free” – Alyssa Allen

“Prayed up” – Paul McCollum

“Keep going. Things need to be done.” – Mary Margaret Anderson

“Unleashed” – Pamela Dansby

“Unashamed Faith”  – Carson Grace Rucker

“Able to live a life free from the power of sin. Freed from Christ allows us to live unhindered. Being hindered would mean not being able to obtain the full meaning of life, not because you are incapable but rather bound or shackled. Living and loving to your true potential found inside the identity of Christ.” – Zach Davin

“It is when you go about doing God’s will in your life without allowing anything to stand in your way.”  – Jennifer Davin

Webster’s definition say’s “not kept back.”

In the race of life, we have the opportunity as children of the Most High God to run unhindered.

What is hindering you? Lack of faith? Weak prayer life? Bound by unknown sin? Ashamed of the gospel? Lack of love?

“The question is whether or not we have the courage to beat the consequences of obedience exercising our freedom to be salt and light to all peoples, wherever they live.” (Nik Ripkin, Insanity of God  pg.308)

While in Uganda with team 78, we witnessed what it truly looks like, in the body of Christ, to live unhindered.

We celebrated the coming of the New Year in the dark because the generator stopped working. Did it stop us from worship? NO!

An obstacle yes, but not allowing it to get in our way.

Meeting Street boys who once were bound by hopelessness, abandonment, and drugs, now living unashamed and free of the chains that once held them captive; now bright lights for God’s glory.

Children who have been orphaned and abandoned now worshiping freely because others surrendered their comforts to comfort others.

Youth leaders in the community who, by faith, have defeated all odds against them, declaring that they are a chosen generation.

Pastors and evangelist who, by faith, believe the God they serve is also their Provider, proclaiming the good news that Jesus saves.

All generations unleashed for God’s glory…living a life unhindered.

May we remember that the Lord has a purpose and a plan for each one of us in the body of Christ. Even when there are obstacles in our path may we not allow them to hinder us.

We challenge you to run the race the Lord has set before you, keeping your eyes on Jesus the champion who initiates and perfects your faith and don’t look at the troubles you can see now, but fix your gaze on things that cannot be seen. (Hebrews 12:1, 2 Corinthians 4:18)

Are you willing to take the step to live a life unhindered?


By: Mama Omwana (Heather Allen) & Team 78