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Hey everyone!  This is Jill.

It’s Sunday evening and we had the sweetest day. We dressed up in our Sunday best and headed off to church with Pastor Emmy.

The service was beyond anything we could ever imagine. We all felt so touched by how passionately our brothers and sisters in Uganda worship in spirit and truth. So beautiful. Then, to our surprise, we were blessed to witness Emmy’s son, Justice proposing to his beautiful ‘now’ fiancé, Patience. It took us a moment to understand all that was happening but soon it clicked. Wow – he’s proposing. Then, Pastor Emmy spoke of the importance of remaining apart until the day they are to be united by God. It was very powerful and honoring of the marriage covenant. Before sending the two back to their seats, he asked us to pray for them and had our team go up to the front and lay hands on them as we prayed. It was so humbling.

We reached a point in the service when Pastor Emmy formally introduced our team, their ‘special visitors’. We went down the line introducing ourselves and briefly speaking to the congregation. Shortly thereafter D’Lisa and Lori spoke. Lori actually shared scripture from Mark 4:35-41. She spoke of Jesus calming the storm and how through each one Christ says, “Let us go to the other side.”  He knows storms will come but even as we walk through storms in life, He will never leave us or forsake us.

After taking her seat, Pastor Emmy returns to the front and shares that a missionary group visiting from the UK just last weekend shared that exact same scripture verse. But even more incredible… a short bit later, Pastor Emmy asked if anyone would like to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior today. A gentleman stood to his feet with his young son by his side. Emmy called him to the front. He shared how his wife had recently abandoned he and his son. He had not been to church in a long time but his son kept telling him that they just needed to pray. A coworker invited him to church that very morning and this sweet, hurting man, Alex knew that the Lord brought that exact message through Lori for the second weekend so he could hear it. WOW. We all knew God had shown up in a powerful way to touch that man’s heart. And, once again, we were filled with complete humility as Pastor Emmy asked us to lay hands on Alex and his son as we prayed over him. Tears streamed from my eyes as we prayed. Praise you Lord for how you work in our lives and how we get to see your beautiful work in action. Your love is beyond anything we could ever ask for or imagine.

Later that afternoon we visited Katyazo. This would be my first visit to Katyazo, which is especially exciting since I am the new sponsorship coordinator for that school. As we pulled onto the drive and across the property, I could see the buildings in the distance. The campus is set in such beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Hannah pointed out the fishing pond, which provides fish for some of their meals. A group of the boys were out playing football (similar to American soccer) on the lawn. As we parked, much like Mbarara, kids swarmed us saying ‘You’re welcome. We are glad you’re here.’ Each face so beautiful and genuine. We played some fun games for a bit before snapping a photo in front of their new science building.

We had time for a quick tour of the science building which was breath taking.

It is incredible to see what these students are going to be able to do with this wonderful learning environment.  You could tell they were pretty excited about it, too!

Before we knew it, it was time to leave yet again. Our day had passed in a blur, but we knew the Lord had accomplished his purpose for our team and we were beyond blessed for it.