Medical Clinics

Become A Comforter...Give Strength & Hope!

PCM Medical Clinics

Our staff at the Kate Clinic has been able to comfort hundreds of patients and their families this year.

In the past, people in the village of Kyassenya and surrounding areas did not have any good option for medical care. A clinic within 30 miles may seem close to some of us, but to a suffering Ugandan with no transportation it was worthless. With the opening of the Kate Clinic lives are being saved and hope is being restored.

No more will they have to suffer in their homes from treatable diseases or visit witch doctors for some shred of false hope. Men, women, and children are being treated for malaria, typhoid and other diseases by well qualified, Jesus loving people. As we’ve seen how God is using our Kate Clinic staff, we are excited to be building them some housing so that they can live on site instead of walking several miles to work everyday.