How It All Started

PCM's Origin

Pastor Emmy and his wife, Sarah, were called by the Lord to start Parental Care Ministries in Uganda in 1997. Together, they have a great heart of compassion to care for God’s orphans and needy children. Their ministry started in a tiny mud hut as they shared Jesus with their neighbors.

Soon they began to notice a large need for the Father’s love in the lives of area children. They were obedient to God’s call and soon began to take care of many fatherless children themselves. Emmy and Sarah would see children suffering around them they would bring them into their own home in Mbarara, Uganda. After adopting 36 children, God called them to sell their house and start a school so they could educate the children.

Then they did the unthinkable. Pastor Emmy and Sarah sold their three bedroom home where they were taking care of all the children and their five biological kids to buy a school.

In the meantime, as Christmas 2006 approached, Libby, the youngest daughter (age 8 at the time) of Mark & Monica Barret made a Christmas card at school. It read, “Dear Mom, I feel this Christmas we should be missionaries and help the poor. Jesus keeps pushing me to tell you. Merry Christmas!”

In May of 2008, Parental Care Ministries USA was formed to enable others to come alongside the needy children of the world whom Jesus dearly loves.

Join in on this God-sized adventure!