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The Power of a Letter

On a hillside in Southwest Uganda hundreds of children gather in anticipation as they watch a bus filled with visitors approaching their school. The students love to meet new people, but they aren’t quite sure what today’s visit will hold. Will they get to play new games, learn a Bible story or will they receive a rare treat of an apple or piece of bread? Or, could it be they will receive letters from their beloved sponsors?

The children erupt with cheers when they hear that letters from their sponsors will be distributed. The names of those who are to receive a letter are called out.

The students whose names aren’t spoken aloud form a line in order to receive an encouraging Scripture card, hand written by PCM volunteers. Students sit down and begin tearing open their envelopes to read their letter and see new pictures from their sponsor. Laughter and excitement fill the air as they begin sharing with one another all of the photos and updates from their beloved US family. There are no words to describe the power a letter has in the lives of these children.

If you sponsor and want to bring this incredible joy to your child, do it TODAY!

We collect letters all year long. Go to to type your message and upload a photo. Or, you can hand write your message and send it to our office.

How can you measure the excitement in a child’s life when they get a letter? Maybe the LORD will give us that answer in eternity.


“We sponsor because, as a family, we wanted to love and serve children from another continent and culture. We sponsor through PCM because we have been able to witness the impact the ministry makes in the lives of children.”

Russell and Rebecca G.

from Dallas, Texas, Partner since 2011