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Hello PCM Bloggers,

We have a very big prayer request.  Pastor Emmy and Sarah are leaving Mbarara on Monday 2/8/10 for Kamapala to visit the US Embassy on the morning of February 9th. This  will be the middle of the night Monday night our time.  Please pray that the US consular officer who gets to talk to them carefully evaluates the work that he and Supermom have done over the past 18 months. We have many things to show the officers.  We just want them to look at them before they make an immediate decision.  So much has changed as you know. So many of you have joined us in support of Parental Care Ministries USA.  We really need your prayers Monday night. I will be updating the status on FACEBOOK while he is at the Embassy.  You can sign up to be a friend of the ministry on Facebook on our main page on the bottom left corner.  We would love for each of our sponsors and supporters to meet Emmy and Sarah this spring.  What a blessing that would be!!!!

Here is a letter we obtained from one of the cabinet officials in Uganda.  Take a look.

What else has been going on?  

Well Monica made a visit to Dance and Drill studio to say Hi and thanks to Mrs. Lynn and Mrs Jeanie for their huge support with the PCM Dump Truck campaign. Way to go DND !!

At Grace Community School,  PCM Board members Karla Foreman and Myles Cunningham have been hard at work with our project for the P6 classroom:  Hearts For Change.  Students of the elementary campus have collected change over the past few weeks and deposited them in the big red buckets in the cafeteria.  It has been a joy to see the kids make such a huge difference in the lives of our Ugandan P6 students by just gathering the change we all tend to disregard in our homes and cars. This project runs through February 14th. You don’t have to be a Grace student to give your change.  You can stop by Grace Elementary anytime during the day to give to this project.

Here is PCM Board member Myles Cunningham talking at chapel on his experience in Uganda this summer. He told the students basically, you “can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  He was amazed ( a jaw dropping phenomenon by his accounts) of what he saw at this humble school.  1 Sam 16:7  The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

Monica made another trip to Grace this February to teach art with Mrs Thomas.  She taught the chidren some of the 800+ verses on the heart and then helped each child make a heart based on one of these verses.  Unbelievable beautiful creations were the result from these 5th grade Grace students.

Pastor Emmy and Sarah have been busy on their return from the United Kingdom 1/19/10.  They have had a youth conference at our school for hundreds of high school and young adults. Here was the theme of the conference:

Not to mention they made time for the Ezra School of Ministry by gathering nearly many of our 43 pastors together for a conference and teaching time.  When does Emmy ever sleep?  Amazing!!

School is back in sesssion in Mbarara and the children “are with much Joy” as Emmy says thanks to your prayers and support.  Just look at these genuine smiles.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you are doing.

We would love to announce that Emmy and Sarah have a visa on Tuesday,  but we also know Ecc 3:1 “there is a time and season for everything.”  Our work will continue whether they get to come this spring 2010 or some time thereafter.

Updates will be on Facebook  as i get them and the blog when we have a final answer.

Love greetings this valentine season from Emmy and Supermom…….

Bub and Monica

PS  Check out the Pictures Button for the 153 pictures that Christie loaded from Trip #4.  Way to go “DC.”  What we we do without you??????