Why try to recruit God Almighty to my team when I can join His? Every Christian should seek where The Lord is working and get involved! The Lord is really working through PCM in Uganda. Jump in!

Raymond W.
Tyler, Texas
PCM Supporter since 2013

Mbarara School – PCM’s First School

In 2005 Pastor Emmy and Supermom sold their home and van and used the money to begin building PCM’s first school in Mbarara. Even with their humble means they were able to begin educating 120 students.

Over the years God has blessed their work mightily with new schools, more children, and added provision. This first school grew out of its space and meeting temporary structures.

In 2016 these students were able to move to a brand new school built just for them on the PCM land at Katyazo. Here they enjoy much better living and classroom conditions while having plenty of room for fun and recreation.

Today there are over 300 children in the Mbarara School because of people like you who have taken action and gotten involved.

Rwemikoma Primary School

In 2010 Rwemikoma School was started. Some of the children here walk 5 to 10 miles to school getting up at 5am and walking for 2 hours or more before arriving at school. The Lord is doing a mighty work in and through the staff and students in the most remote of all PCM schools.

Today there are over 300 students in the Rwemikoma School.

Kyassenya Primary School

The Kyassenya school joined the PCM family in the summer of 2011 making it the fourth PCM school. Although coming from humble beginnings, this school is now educating over 400 students and was the very first to be completely registered by the Ugandan government.

Sanga Primary School

Established in 2011, one of our favorite memories at Sanga School is from 2013 when we visited the school to wash the feet of the children and then provide them with shoes. Of the 286 children there at that time, only about 20 had shoes. The Sanga school is our “school on the hill” located just one hour from Mbarara. Wild animals from the National Park create a challenge for the Sanga students as they walk to and from the school.


Katyazo Secondary School

There are over 300 PCM secondary students excelling in their academic achievements and trusting God to provide for their every need. Katyazo Secondary School is home to the next generation of leaders who are studying hard in hopes of becoming doctors, lawyers, pastors, journalists and more. They are world-changers in-the-making.

God’s blessings continue to flow. PCM is excited to announce the second graduating class from Katyazo. There have now been more than 50 students complete their secondary education at the Katyazo Secondary School and begin their university careers.

When you give you provide supplies, classrooms, scholarships and more!