"Go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations..." Matthew 28:19

Leveraging Education To Make Disciples

God continues to MULTIPLY the PCM efforts to raise up disciples in Uganda. All five PCM schools are thriving, and the secondary school, Katyazo, has now graduated two years of students to go on to university and vocational school.

When each of the primary schools was started, many children from the village were given the opportunity to go to school for the first time. Each year as the students have progressed, a grade has been added. Now students are finishing at primary school and going on to Katyazo secondary school, giving every student the opportunity to go as far as their faith and ambition will allow.

The original primary school in Mbarara has now moved to the PCM land at Katyazo. Gone are the days of 400 children sharing three acres of land. These students now enjoy the beautiful 100+ acres at Katyazo and go to school in respectable classrooms.

Katyazo Secondary School

In April of 2010, the Lord provided land for PCM. Located 10 miles outside of Mbarara town, Katyazo has been an amazing answer to prayer. As the students of the primary schools were starting to be promoted to higher grades, there was no PCM secondary school for them to receive higher education. God’s provision and timing are perfect and in February of 2012, the PCM Katyazo Secondary School opened for classes.

This 100 acres of beautiful, rolling hills is now home to over 300 PCM secondary students who are excelling in their academic achievements and trusting God to provide for their every need. Katyazo Secondary School is home to the next generation of leaders who are studying hard in hopes of becoming doctors, lawyers, pastors, journalists and more. They are world-changers in-the-making. God will continue to do mighty things in them and through them.

God’s blessings continue to flow. PCM is excited to announce the second graduating class from Katyazo. There have now been more than 50 students complete their secondary education at the Katyazo Secondary School and begin their university careers. It has been incredible to see the Lord’s hand as these students grow and realize the plan He has for their lives.

Kyassenya Primary School

The Kyassenya school joined the PCM family in the summer of 2011, making it the fourth PCM school. Although coming from humble beginnings, this school is now educating almost 400 students and was the very first to be completely registered by the Ugandan government.

A population of 5,000 people is estimated to be living in the nearby villages. Many residents make their living as corn/maize farmers. Access to education and discipleship is now providing new opportunities for the next generation of Ugandans in this area. Just down the road from the school is a very special PCM landmark, the Kate Clinic.

Mbarara Primary School

In 2005, Pastor Emmy and Supermom sold their home and van and used the money to begin building PCM’s first school in Mbarara. Even with their humble means they were able to begin educating 120 students.

Over the years God has blessed their work mightily with new schools, more children, and added provision. This first school grew to close to 400 students, but was still meeting in temporary structures on just 3 acres of land.

In 2016, these students were able to move to a brand new school built just for them on the PCM land at Katyazo. Here they enjoy much better living and classroom conditions while having plenty of room for fun and recreation.

Rwemikoma Primary School

Rwemikoma Primary School is the second PCM school and located the furthest from the Mbarara headquarters. Although the road to Rwemikoma has drastically improved over the past several years, the school has faced its share of challenges.

Some of the children here walk five to ten miles to school, getting up at 5am and walking for 2 hours or more before arriving at school. The Lord is doing a mighty work in and through the staff and students in this, the most remote of all PCM schools.

Creativity abounds here and the children are always eager to perform their skits, recite memorized poems and riddles, and dance when teams arrive. We know the Lord uses these talents for His glory!

Sanga Primary School

The Sanga school is our “school on the hill” located one hour from Mbarara, in the heart of Lake Mburo National Park. The main source of income in the village is selling charcoal and farming. Farmers struggle to keep the wild animals from the national park away from their crops. The animals also create a challenge for the Sanga students as they walk to and from the school. They are constantly on the look out for the wild animals that have ventured outside of the boundaries of the park.

From miles away the children see us coming. A greeting in heaven must be something like the greeting that these kids give you. In the beginning, there were no desks, no school buildings and no food for the children. They now have classrooms, meals to eat each day, and clean water to drink.