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 10 Years and 10 Reasons to Smile!

1. Jobs for Women in Uganda!

Dianah, our first ever vocational student leading the charge at the new Infinite PCM Beauty Salon.

2. More Eggs for More Kids

Over 95% of our chicks are producing eggs.

3. Clean Water!

PCM’s first underground water tank at Rwemikoma School! It will collect 150,000 liters of water for the students and staff. 


Our second Omwana (Baby) House cottage is complete and waiting to be filled with children.

5. Dignity in a Job Well Done!

Amon, our second vocational student, is now an accomplished tailor. He makes all of the PCM school uniforms and much more.

6. Play Ball!

A new netball goal at PCM Sanga School is up and great fun for the kids.

7. Singing and Good Health!

The children from Choir Tour 5 and their families are happy and healthy as they return from their amazing experience touring the US.

8. Radio Business Growing!

Glory FM’s staff is increasing advertising revenue to nearly meet 50% of their monthly budget.

9. Clinic Needs Are Being Met

The Kate Clinic medical staff is celebrating a grant that will allow them to move into the dorms behind the clinic. This will help them serve those in need of care quickly and more efficiently.

10. Hip Hip Hooray for the Grads!

Brings a smile to our face when we think of the second group of PCM graduates, all 24 of them!