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Ten Years and Ten Reasons to Smile

 10 Years and 10 Reasons to Smile! 1. Jobs for Women in Uganda! Dianah, our first ever vocational student leading the charge at the new Infinite PCM Beauty Salon. 2. More Eggs for More Kids Over 95% of our chicks are producing eggs....

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A History Of Omwana (Baby) House

Omwana Update 2018 Written by: Heather Allen, PCM Omwana Coordinator In 2015 the dream of having a home for orphaned and abandoned babies became a reality. A beautiful home, nestled amongst a banana plantation, planted for future generations, was now a place of refuge...

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Campanella’s 2nd Trip to Uganda (Team 76)

Our 2nd Trip to Uganda Written by: Lisa Campanella   It was with great joy that we were able to make our 2nd trip to Uganda with Parental Care Ministries (PCM).  Our 2017 trip was during the Thanksgiving holidays here in the USA. We can tell you that there...

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Unhindered (Team 78)

Unhindered Written by: Heather Allen and PCM Team 78 In Uganda you may come across various types of road-blocks such as livestock... ... passing boda-bodas (motorcycles)... ...or many people in the street. In the same way, life can present obstacles, which...

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A Heart for Pastor’s Kids (Team 78)

A Heart for Pastor's Kids Written by: Matt Hartman, PCM Team 78   Team 78’s trip to Uganda has been amazing, to say the least. From bringing in the New Year in style at Mbarara Pentecostal Life Church with no electricity, meeting sponsor kids... ...seeing...

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Do you know my sponsor? (Team 78)

Do you Know My Sponsor? Written by: Jennifer Davin and PCM Team 78   After spending time in Uganda, I can honestly tell you there is something special about the children there. Maybe it is their beautiful smiles or the big hugs they share, or maybe it is...

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