Uganda Is One Of The Most Under-Resourced Nations On Earth

37 Million Live On Less Than $500 A Year
There Are Fewer Than 500 Doctors In The Region
2.5 Million Children Have No Place To Call Home

People Face Serious Challenges

Uganda and Eastern Africa is among the poorest region on the planet. The poverty is crushing. The despair is heartbreaking. It is into this sort of environment that Jesus was born. It is this sort of place where Jesus first revealed the glorious kingdom. And it is in this very place where PCM is called to partner with God in his work of proclaiming the gospel to the poor. We invite you to join us as a prayer partner and as a monthly giving partner.

  • 37 million Ugandans
  • Survive on less than $500 a yr.
  • 50% of population are under 14


Disease & Malnutrition

Because of the extreme poverty, the children of Uganda & Eastern Africa experience excessive mortality. Disease is rampant. Lives are cut short. A lack of education fosters many food and water borne illnesses. And sadly there are only .12 doctors per 1000 people available to provide simple services that save lives. PCM is called to come alongside the local church to comfort and console those who are in affliction.

  • High risk of food and water borne diseases


  • 35% are physically stunted


  • Shortened life expectancy of 55


  • Fewer than 500 doctors throughout the region


PCM helps alleviate the suffering by building and managing some of the nation’s finest Christian based schools as well as providing safe professionally run clinics that provide simple and effective preventative healthcare treatments that help save lives. You can make a difference by sponsoring a precious child.

Millions Of Orphaned Children

According to studies, 2.5 million children in Uganda have no place to call home. The majority of these children have parents who have succumbed to the ravages of disease. Many of these orphaned children are also the victims of superstition and myth that displaces anyone who might be sick or diseased. The rest are literally tossed out of their homes by hard-pressed parents who cannot provide.

PCM takes seriously the great commission to make disciples of Jesus. That’s why we have helped build primary and secondary schools in Uganda. An orphan attending our schools will receive instruction by a dedicated staff using a proven Bible-based curriculum that provides an excellent Christian education. But our efforts don’t stop there. The Christian education continues as we teach sustainable farming and water resource management. We ask you to partner with God and PCM in this kingdom work by giving your best financial gift.

  • 5 million orphaned due to disease


  • 1 million orphaned due to economic hardships